Only Two

Not that I've been with a bazillion guys but I've experienced "big dicks" with only two of my past lovers, one was 19 & I was 46 at the time. The other was about two years ago. Both experiences were extremely painful but then I get off on pain. The 19 yo guy although young was very experienced in ******* & had a stamina that was unbelievable!. The guy two years ago somewhat larger entered inner parts of me never before touched by a ****. ******* galore!
FkMeHrd FkMeHrd
46-50, F
8 Responses Aug 6, 2010

"...never before touched..." Does that include your bum ???

I bet you'd love mine then!

Would like to try it

Sounds like he was just the right size

**** you deep and hard!

I had this one guy he was wht to he eas huge. most big one r black yes from my experience it true blk is bigger. I like the way they feel to. :)..

Have never had blk ****

is 9" big enough for you

I'll take 9!

Do you know how big they were?

hope u take another look me...I know i like what you write