New Thick Lover

Have now been five times with a new lover who is five inches about in the
Length but near seven, or over six, in the circumference.I have been sore since new years day. I like it's shortness as other eight or even seven inch men can take me at angles where it hurt my insides. This man can go his hardest and pound me like he punishinge without "bottoming out" as they say and making me hurt inside.

Would love to
Hear if others have had similar with a short fat one. I
Sooooo hooked.
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This was the recently divorced guy. We are not together any more. After him was the boy toy- it was his father who wanted to **** me. I am off the boy toy now but still think of the father. I know how to reach him and I am a out 100% sure he would jump at the chance.

Seven inches, huh? If that thing is nice and thick it would be like a dream penis.

Is this the same guy who is recently divorced and thinks you're cheating on your hubby? Or is this the guy whose daddy you want to ****? Or are they the same guy? (Lol! Sorry if I am still unable to keep track of your exciting sexcapades.... just stumbled on your profile today and am totally hooked!)
Your preferance for fatness has made me decide to measure mine too... I'm 7 inches long but never measured my girth before. So I'll have to see how I measure up in that department.

i am about that size

My lover says it is the girth that does it for her - she likes average length so it can all go inside and thick girth for fullness and satisfaction. You're one hot lady

Practice makes perfect,works for my wife,now she's a,the bigger the better addict !

" a 9 incher any good 2 u, if so let's b friends & u can view it in all it's glory...???"

A 9" is beautiful. I likely cannot take the full force of your thrusts however.

Lucky you then. Am man that big will need to show restraint with me. How I was made I guess. . . .

so wonderful - thank u 4 sharing such a hot experience

My wife loves girth over length. She says it does not hurt as with a long **** but fills her completely. Glad I have more gith than length. However it is a problem in sum positions.

Yes, a man does nothing to deserve his endowments so you are lucky to have a nice ****.

The biggest advantage of a longer **** is that it allows a greater variety of positions before the **** falls out. Then there is the male pride thing. But I am glad to hear that some women think a man can have too much of a good thing. ;=D

Yes, particulalry in the spooning positions, but i have found the strength and incredible stiffness of this man can overcome the fleshiness of my backside. My 4 inch rubbery husband cannot.

"Increadible stiffness" says it all. A hard man is good to find. Is rubbery husband excited by your lovers? Jealous? Or clueless? Of course a rubbery hubby's opinion does not count. Haha :-)

We are in what is known as a hot wife or Cuckold relationship, or so I learn from the Internet. It turns him on to no end to know he has a satisfied wife. I can share what I want with him or keep secrets, and I am doing both depending on how things feel. We are not of the extreme male chastity and humiliation but as I am dominant partner I do withhold sex from him a lot. I have taken to anonymous humiliation as on the Internet, behind his back, but not in front of
People. He can't watch or
Anything like that.

Even if I was not bi, I think that I would be happier with a hotwife who plays around than my tepid wife who is just not interested anymore.
Of course I am thoroughly bi and a happy **********. I love ******* sloppy seconds and eating ********. My perfect wife would be a horny young **** who loved the stability of our marriage and would share some of her hot young studs with me. ;-)

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Yeah I've had a couple of guys like that

So what do you feel about such men. What did you enjoy?

Thickness deffo helps lol