My First Big ****

It was my 16th birthday and I went to my bf's for the afternoon. We had been going out for a fair few months and he wanted to give me one on my birthday. I wasn't gonna say no to that lol.

So I go round and am a lil surprised to also see a driend of his, Dan, there. Turns out my bfs present was a ********* since we had discussed maybe doing it a week or so beforehand. Dan was fit and I was horny so I agreed.

I grab my bf and get his **** out and began sucking him. Now my bf was just about 5 inches and at the time i though that was above average, the biggest I had at that point was 6". I notice Dan struggling to get his pants of and he's clearly hard but the moment he pulled them down his **** sprang out an just about hit my face,"OH ****" i said while moving back a lil. Even my bf had a look of shock on his face.

He was 8 inches, a lil thicker than my bfs. I started at first ******* him while sucking the bf but my eyes were fixed on Dan's meat. After a few rounds of sucking them both, my bf clearly had a look of unease in his face, and my bf was a very self-conscious guy to begin with so seeing a bigger guy next to him... Let's just say he kept quiet.

Anyway I decided it was riding time and after telling my bf he had first choice he chose to do my bum and Dan got my *****. Feeling his **** enter me felt so good i didnt notice my bf enter the other end. After a short while I was enjoying Dan's **** soooo much i forgot my bf was doing me anal... But it gets worse, not the sex, the situation, kinda.

Im riding Dan cowgirl, we do doggy, missionary and I'm constantly stating what a big **** he has to him because it was and it felt that good. Eventually he ****, yes in me, and shortly after that I pretty much go to suck his **** dry. While doing that the door opens and the bf walks in... Turns out he had disappeared for the past half hour, i hadn't noticed him, all of a sudden I realised who I was with and felt so much guilt. Dan got soft and after having a few words with the bf outside the room, he left and the bf came back in (Dan had gotten dressed when he softened up and yes he said goodbye and lovely things).

I was spent but the bf was horny and took his boxers off, I felt bad but didn't say no, but seeing him hard just looked disappointing afyer Dan. He puts his **** in and starts to **** me and hes going really hard and fast... Felt nothing. It was just after some great sex after all.

Less than a week later he dumped me, just said he didn't like me anymore, even though I know it was just his own issues about me being with his mate. And I still liked him, i was depressed for a few days.

I guess the moral of the story is to overcome your private issues lol. I still bump into Dan sometimes, but we haven't got into bed again, though the idea to do so is there still.
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Very sexy story, love to show you mine

Sounds like your BF messed up. If he was so self conscious he shouldn't have had a ********* with another guy. Nice story though

glad you could find the good in your experience, lucy ;-)

Thrilling time isn't it? Figuring out what you really love x

Great story! Made me hard!

Good girl!! enjoy!!!
and add me please!!

i would love to give you my hard **** anytime

Oh wow!

awww poor little bf

hot story

Was dat ur only 3sum? Not with dem, with any guys

Loved your story please add

How big would you like to try?

Yeah you should def try bigger though

You shouldn't feel bad, after all her aranged it for you. You should try dan again and see if the sex is just as good the second time

I mean hey it was YOUR birthday.

Guys should be careful what they wish for, these never work out for the bf/husband

hot story! Cant wait for the next

Great Sory, keep them coming R X

ur a stunning HOT.....see my pics if u would suk me and *** me

poor guy lol. How did u feel knowing he felt inadequate when he saw the other guy?

Sorry your ********* went sour so badly. It's a shame the boy you really liked couldn't deal w/his friend's size. I wish you luck finding better partners.

Hmmm.Love to hear woman talk about her pleasure of a good Boning. ;-)

That sucks for him lol.that's the struggle of love and lust!!! Its hard to have both!!

Some ladies go their life without having a treat like you had so enjoy the memmory and find more that satisfy you

Great story, it is a shame your ex got intimidated. I see nothing wrong in a girl prefering a big ****.

Very hot story girl! I can empathize with the conflicting emotions.

well written story, thanx for sharing, xx

I got 8 inches. Come on over.

Great story

Great Story thankyou for Sharing, the first time you experience something like that you never forget, and leads onto greater things.

For most women problems start taking something bigger then 10 inches , its more or less how much the wall of vagina can be stretched at its length.

Sorry to hear about your break up, fantasies sometimes are best being just that but still, we live and learn.

Actually the lessons to learn here are, 1. Don't date guys with confidence problems. 2 Only pick guys with ***** over 6 inches and guys that understand you sometimes need a really big, fat ****. 3. Mmf ********** can be perfect, but chose your combatants carefully. Now, go get Dan and ask him if he has any bigger mates.