Love And Need A Big ****

I love sex, but there is somthing in being stretched and filled that only a really big and thick **** can produce.

When the head enters, and you can feel the pressure, and your body accomidating the penetration, then feeling the shaft fill you up and stuff you. 

There is no way to describe the true feeling, and this is somthing I need.  If there are any takers with really big *****....I am taking applications!

HotwifeTheresa HotwifeTheresa
31-35, F
16 Responses Nov 16, 2009

Oh, yes I agree. I just turned 18 and I want t meet men with big ***** , ever since this guy had a 11 inch **** and I loved deepthroating his big **** and my god my ***** actually took it all and I was hooked.

i have 11 inches just for you!!

look at my pic!!

Right here babe

I like the sound of this....!!!

you are the most sexy hotwife , wish my wife can enjoy my big **** as you .<br />
hope to be your friend

would i have to cumm to you or do you travel ?? lol

I would love to stretch u out. Im really thick and get super hard

Wish my wife had your attitude! That is very hot

Check mine in my pictures. I am sure yo will like it...

I really enjoy the stretching and the deep penetration, but haven't tried ******* tho. lol.

Hey Take A Look At My Pics...If You Like What You See....Than Hit Me Up...I Live In California Though...Just To Let You Know....

Girl....I agree you could not have put it any better. my husband is thick and about 9" long but before I was married I dated a guy that was 11" and thick as hell real thick. Man that Mofo could get me just right!!!!! but I never let him stick it in my ***. I think I was a little scared my **** would just fall out while I was walking. LOL

Well where do i fill you out? Iam roughly around 9 and half inches and 5 inches width?

Yes I have tired *******, but it just isnt the same...the is no reward at the end!

Baby, I want to fill all your holes. You're so damn sexy.

you tell me, am I big enough???