Enough With This "feeding" Frenzy....

So yes, I told the experience project that I am sexually attracted to fat men. Exclusively. Yes, this is true. With that said, I am a normal human being who likes to do normal things like go on dates, take walks, go to concerts, go to bars, do karaoke...etc.
So...I keep getting these e-mails from men who want to weigh as much as mobile homes and want me to feed them endlessly, sometimes with a funnel or a tube. Sometimes, they want to become IMMOBILE.
I HOPE this is some kind of displaced, impractical fantasy because economics 101 would dictate that if you were immobile, you could not hold a job. If you could not hold a job, how would you afford an endless supply of food? Also, if one got to the point of immobilization, they would be too immobilized to get an erection. That is NOT sexy.
Also, some of these guys want me to be fat. I am insulted. Why contact me if you don't like my physique? Gee. Thanks.
ALL I MEANT was that I like to date and get physical with fat dudes. NORMAL fat dudes. The ones who have cars and go to work and eat by themselves without the aid of a funnel, tube or woman. The kind of guy who has a semblance of a LIFE!!!
DO NOT contact me if you want me to force feed you with a goddam tube, want me to get fat or want to e-mail me with laundry list of what you ate!!
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I am a bigger guy with breasts and happy with who I am. It would be great to find a woman like you that is into heavy guys.

Well said. Us big fellas like our sport too. We're not all couch potatoes. There's a bunch of my friends that lift at the same gym. We are all over 130kg but active and strong.

That's crazy, I'm a big guy but I just want someone who's into big guys and I for sure don't want a feeder, just a normal thing with a girl who digs big guys

Yea I'm a fat guy and been lucky enough to date slim girls or girls that society would consider hot lol they were and while I let her suck my moobs (actually I asked her I love my nipples played with) I would never wanna be fed or force fed that's odd to me I have two hands I can do it myself and I'm not that type of fat guy I guess like you said I'm a normal fat guy (I Guess as normal one could be I have my fetishes lol) so leftofthedial ill let ya do anything ya want go me but Not to worry cuz I can feed myself ;)

Keep talking that sexy sanity...

Lmao oh I wish I could add you

<p>Well done and very well put, girl! You know I like big guys too, but am getting emails from men who want to be fed by women. They are basically very insecure and make food their drug. I always gently say I am not a feeder and would never be one. I am not a carer for any man. I like big men, yes, big CONFIDENT men! I also got a mail from one who is just like that, confident, but they are rare. He lives miles away, unfortunately. </p><p>The reason I like big men is that I enjoy feeling protected and being physically involved in the experience of the female role. I also like loads to grab on to. But you guys must be confident, mobile and know how to dress for your size. Being big in this case is just a natural result of enjoying lots of food and NOT eating to kill themselves. Food is not a weapon, it's pleasure.</p>

Sam2Sam: You are an amazing woman. You seem to be afflicted with the same perspective on men as I am. You are also very articulate. Thank you for adding, confirming and enhancing what I am trying to convey.

Awww, thank you, so are you! Amazing!

I understand your views entirely. While it is true that for many - both men and women, thin and fat - possess a fantasy of being fed and gaining weight. For most, it remains just that - a fantasy - with nary any intent of follow through. Most also are not into force feeding, but more of an intimate, erotic interchange, as eating, being an oral, sensory activity can be quite sensual. My view, is as long as a person keeps it at the RP level, its harmless fun.

Pardon me, are you gonna eat that?! ;)

Well, we say that because we know of these stories shown on tv where people are literally feeders and feedees, not just a fantasy. You can't argue a fantasy as long as it's harmless, true, but you can question the act if it takes place on a regular basis, because it IS harmful.

Agreed. :)

Wow..I had no idea people would ask that of you...just a heavy set guy looking to meet someone special.

lol thats ******* weird, am fat but i don't anyone to feed me

Let's get married. :-P

lol anytime ;)


i have to agree with this. I am a big guy, but i dont want anyone to "feed me" i find this gross and vial. I am glad that you like big guys and you shouldn't have to deal with this b.s. no body should if thats not there thing.