I Want To Be A Fat Guy

I am 23, (5,11 and 168 pounds). I have a fairly muscular build and have never carried much fat. This has help me be proficient in the bedroom and i have never struggled to pull. When i was with my ex girlfriend i got comfortable and although i was still going to the gym she fed me allot and i started to get my first belly. She was very attractive and guys were always trying it on with her so i felt self-concious in the bedroom and tried to hold in my belly. She soon discovered that if she gently rubbed my belly i couldn't hold it in and it hung out over her. She also found out that if she kept rubbing my belly whilst it was hanging out i would ****** in seconds. Since we broke up i have lost the belly several times but it keeps coming back and although the idea of giving in and being fat frustrates me it also turns me on. i want a woman of similar age (give or take a few years) to take control and force me to get fat and stuff me full of food and rub my belly as it grows. i want to get fat enough to get easily tired by sex and not be able to fight *******.
jixy1 jixy1
22-25, M
Jan 23, 2013