You Guys...

Well, thank you guys. I think the few that do are just wonderful!

drcynic drcynic
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i would so love to experience the love of a nice girl with her temptations to feed me more and see some changes to comment and teease a little about ^^ i would love this competiton of her beating my once strong metabolism ^^ and see her glee in the eyes when she sees that i gained cuase of her (cause i try to hide it or deny it ;-) buuut she shows me that i gained ;-) ) hehe lovely just to think about it ^^

I think it's great that they love us "blubber butts"! lol Keep feeding us!

I think there are more female fat admirers than you might think. They are just in the closet, sometimes even to themselves!

That is true actually. I was in a fluctuating denial for about 8 years. I still can't talk about it in real life unless I am really hammered and it's a very close friend (which only happened twice).


I love big cuddly guys!