I Love Big Fat Women While Bigger The Better

Im totally into Big Fat woman, from bbw to usbbw, yes USBBW Ultra Sized Big Beautiful Woman, even fatter than a SuperSized BBW, omg i cant cant help with that, i know that mabe some could say that i am crazy, but i am sure i am not, i have been with Big Fat Girls, and they have been always fatter.

When i was 16 i had a GF and she was 250 Lbs, that was Fat then, but later at 18 i had a GF around the 280 and that was even better, the sex, how softer she was, later at 20 i star a relationship with at 300 lbs girl and she gained 30 extra lbs, OMG i was in heaven, i always wanted to make a girl fatter and fatter, but the issue is that i havent find a girl who wants to be as fat i want to make her.

i wish i could be with a 500 lbs girl and she tells me "Honey please keep feeding me, i want to be fatter and fatter" wish i could be with a woman that wants to be that awesome Big and Fat.

I adore women that are over the 500, over 600, over 700, when i saw Renne Williams the 800 lbs girl, i was like in love, she was a vision to me, idem when i saw for the first time to Pauline Porter, those woman are the ones make me dream and keep hope in me that i would find a woman who will be not Bif and Fat, she will be Awesome Big and extremely Fat.
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I have always had a liking for big belly women. My second wife started out at 260 and made it to 300. At 5'-2" I thought that range was good. Problem was she was extremely modest and that took away a lot of the fun. I was in heaven when we had cowgirl sex.


What's cowgirl sex?

The bigger, the better!

I've recognized a great degree of maiesiophilia (Google it) in my own fascination with fat. I've never had the desire to immobilize or handicap a woman because of her immense weight, although I've met several women who wanted to be in that condition themselves. Therewith we see the influence of submission/domination as it relates to a person's size as a factor of eroticism. These are all interrelated, but none are necessarily dependent on the other. It varies by individual.

It's definitely not maiesiophilia for me, because squishiness and softness play a big part.

I only prefer 200 to 460LBS

Good for you!

I love extreme fatties as long as the breasts are an area that has a great deal of fat. The idea of huge pendulous breasts, too big for a bra and perpetually sweating, even highly discolored from rashes in the cleavage and where the breast and belly meet put me in a trance like state of arousal. My mother was of this type, and while one of my sisters is truly gigantic(450 lbs), I am only moderately interested in her due to not particularly spectacular breasts(62B cup size). My mother's cup size is unknown, I know she hadn't owned a bra as far back as I can remember. Don't get me wrong, there is no obese woman that I would refuse to have sex with, it's just some are sexier than others.

This seems to be a psychological issue.... you like them to be physically handicapped so that they are unable to do the simplest, most primitive task of feeding themselves, and are subsequently dependent on you. Weird. <br />
<br />
I guess.... that's cool, as long as she's into it.... ?

800lbs is skinny to my eyes :)