I Love Fat Women, The Fatter The Better

Hello everyone. My name's Austin and I love fat women. I love extremely fat women and I love to make women fatter. I have had this fetish as long as I can remember. Everything about a fat woman is just so much better! I love the curves, the softness. I am hoping to meet a nice fat girl through this site, maybe a fat girl that I can fatten? hehe ;)
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10 Responses May 18, 2012

The woman I want to marry and I hope she would find the same attraction and let me love desire spoil and feed her very well. Gawd she would look like a dream with another 200 pounds ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOiq8b0930I

I totally agree. I love an obese woman that shows off her fat.

You seem to be in a boat similar to my own. I've had those feelings since I was a kid.

It's funny how there are so many men online willing to admit they like fat girls, but I can't find any in real life.

I'm right here ;)

Nice to hear that :)

I also just love fat woman. when I was going into puberty the girl next door who was older than I was started gaining weight and turned into a beautiful very shapely fat woman right before my eyes. My problem was I was always thin and somewhat athletic and never told anyone. Every girl I dated saw herself in a picture with me and ran for a diet book, one turned into a anerexic after dating me. I've never had the nerve to ask out a BBW and I never had the nerve to tell a girl that I wanted her to get fat for me. After all these years I don't know if I could still make this come true. Idealy I'd like to start with an attractive 150lb girl put her on a pedestal pamper her and feed her until she weighs 250lb. Wow, what a dream!

I so want to get to know you.

I want to get to know you :)

You are not alone. I have always been a fatty chaser (no offense meant). My second wife was in the 265 to 280 pound range. My gf now is right at 330 pounds. Just LUV the way a really big woman jiggles and all those extra curves. Holding a big belly out of the way when giving a BBW oral is a super turn on for me. I don't look twice at anorexic barbie types.

That's wonderful!

Is there anything better than a woman over 300 lbs. laying on top of you? It is the best!

mmmm this is an exact desc<x>ription of me x]

mhmm i love your attitude i'm gaining weight right now i love being big and i'm glad me n like you love a nice big woman and to make them fatter i love to get fatter makes me feel good

it feels good to get bigger and bigger

Yes it does....soooo good!