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Now, I had always felt that women with voluptuous curvatures (you know, weighed more than the skinny rail girls, but weren't necessarily obese or super overweight) were attractive, being bisexual, and I always wonder what it would be like having a woman with big breasts, large thighs, and other plentiful curves (I have plenty of curves, I'm just not overweight in a sense, lol) as my love.

But a friend told me how she loved Feederism. Like... she isn't a "Feedee" herself, but she's more of a "Feeder" which I am guessing is the person that does the feeding on the Feedee, who is the one who wants to gain weight.

Well, she showed me some youtube videos of girls who had started out slender and pretty curvy, but became big and voluptuous with plenty of fat to hold onto.....

I fell in love with big big women.

Now... I've always been a health-obsessed girl, considering my abnormal height, abnormal bust, and my past with being very obese..... I do my best to watch my weight (though, since I've been pregnant, I've gained about 40 pounds, but I read an article that said that it's fine to gain that much when you're expecting twins) and I don't want to be overweight like that ever again, but....

....other girls really.... really.... really make it look sexy. I'm now curious as to what it would be like if I had a Feedee. I don't know if I'd enjoy being a Feeder, but I wouldn't mind having a big overly curvaceous and overweight girl to be mine. I don't mind if she's into gaining, cuz I think that I'd enjoy having more to love.

I learned something about myself today. I'm not very picky when it comes to being bisexual xD
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I have been with a few women who were a bit large ...fat I guess you would say, and I must say, they have been wonderful lovers...and lots to hold onto...I am just saying...lots to kiss, lick, nibble on.....mmmm thanks for the memory..

I could be your feeder. Feed you only the finest and watch you grow.

I'm not interested in gaining weight. I never said that.

My bad!

lol it's okay.

Not even close. Lol

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I see. Well I wish you lots of luck and happiness in your quest to find a "real" man or woman!