Gassey In Wal Mart

Went to wal mart one day after having a protein shakeand fiber one bar this produced the loudest eggy farts i have ever laid i was on aisle four snd sombody.was.on five pregnant girl and her sister so i walked up to the part of the aisle where the pregnant girl was but on aisle four ofcourse and i blasted the loudest wettest long fart ever and i remember the girls sister saying damn ***** i know ur pregnant but i have never heard a nasty *** fart like that did u.****.urself n the preggo said it wasnt me and the sister siad yeah right show me ur panties and prove it u got a skid mark longer than the.san andreas fault i laughef my *** off
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Lol that reminds me the situation when I let SBVD (Silent But Very Deadly) one in a supermarket right next to the perfume aisle then moved away. Minute later saw a woman who came next to the place, were I farted and started to sniffing the perfumes, but after 10 seconds later she frowned fer nose, quickly put the perfume back and run away holding her nose :P