Mum's Sexy Nipples

The first nipples i saw in a sexy way were my Mum's after Dad had been sucking them. I was 12,  we were camping and having an afternon snooze. There had been some 'funny' noises from their sleeping compartment and when Dad later got up I got a glimpse through their briefly opened  zipped door.
I had a good **** over the glimpse then and many times after!  Since then I always see nipples as being sexy. 40 yrs later I still remember how big and hard they were :-)
Am I alone?
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

No you are not alone. I'm 40's of age and found big & perky nips are sexy too.

My sister & me used to stalked Mommy & Daddy had sex often from the transom window next door while we were kids, though it had no sex appeal at that days, only think it was funny & interesting event, knowing it was kind of a game only parents can do. (we are asians, my mom has those typical small, but firm breast with a pair of dark brown perky nips; and we had been told after that her big nips have growth in a consequence of brest feeding my elder sis & me).

Also, might be just we were kids, at the 70's, sheer night gown & lingerie was hit, my mom always had that kind of pink, purple sheer gown at home without the bra on, until we were growth & the casual home dress track suit trend had came in 80's, we needed not to peep but we lived in a home with my mom's nipples show at all times. (i had a few experienced sucked on hers & my aunts even I was already 10, by pretended being in deep sleep & dreaming, it was wonderful experience; *no sex intension but just breast loving, but thats another stories :P).

I once love having girlfriends with pink & small nips while I was teen (who doesn't) since they look really beautiful; but as times goes by, I found small nips only looks good but actually not excited me at sex to compare with big, dark nips like those of my mom's. & eventually I found myself are more into mature, saggy **** rather than those teenages' kind.

Nowadays, my wife having a pair of big nipples too after experience breast feeded our boy (her nips has recovered a bit after our boy growth need not nursing anymore, but still a lot bigger than before she pregnant). I love playing with them whenever I can, sometimes I would even imagine these are my mom's; agian, still has no sex appeal to my mom but just loving her sexy nips; sometimes my wife would play naughty as mom & boy role play that always had bought me to heaven.