Bigger Nipples

I want bigger nipples any quick easy solutions?

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9 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I have in the past witnessed my partner use her clitoral vacuum pump on her "What I believe flawless" nipples. Cheryl swears that after using the pump, her nipples are extra sensitive,”To which I can attest to”, account I can barely touch them with Cheryl saying to be gentle. Also Cheryl’s nipples grow extensively when she is aroused.

Mine are sensitive, I just want them to show more.

shavedtail - i constantly rub, pull and have them sucked...they are extremely sensitive, I cant stress extremely...enough!

yeah, let me devour your **** sweetie. ill suck on your nipples all day!

yeah, Let me suck on them for awhile! can you send me any pics of you? thanks! .

ty a ClassicBasic...and yes my nipples are extremely sensitive, I find it totally erotic to have them hard and 'showing'


My wife has a power vacuum cup and pump that she uses on her clitoris and labia lips. The transformation in size is amazing and an exceptionally delightful enlargement. Used correctly and with patience also has increased the sensitivity enormously. My wife already has extremely unblemished shaped and sensitive large nipples, but did attempt just once with her pump. I volume of sensation created by her pump was more than she could bear and had to stop. I am positive that that kind of pump would work for you, if your nipples are not too sensitive.

yes get them sucked on for long periods of time and theyll grow like mine-THEYLL BE HALPH DOLLAR SIZE NIPPLES.<br />
IF u wanna huge big breasted women -2 SUCK EM -HIT ME UP BABY-U WONT BE UPSET

Buy a nipple vacuum pump, play with them all the time.