" I Love Big Penis Extensions "

My wife Mistress L and i have lived in a very strict femdom relationship for some 15 years. In that time i have been trained to be her own personal chaste sissy maid. She now keeps me in one of three chastity devices, a CB-3000,a neosteel, or a new locked in steel. Mistress L always enjoyed oral instead of penile sex so i was trained to lick in a very special way that made it great for her and she always had at least 2 *******. When she decided that at some point and time she would like some really long and hard penetrative sex she made me go out and buy some male strap-ons that are hallow and this way i did not get any pleasure other than serving her. When she saw the add for the neosteel with the penis attachement she bought it quickly. In this device i no longer had to remove the chastity device and put an extension on, and now we have the same deal with the locked in steel, and the larger artificial penis. I seldom get out of chastity device anymore, but i love the extensions because of the pleasure L receives when we use them
slavetoby slavetoby
56-60, M
Sep 8, 2010