Big Penis

Im very new to EP , I came to the site after searching bbc information as my wife wanted to try bbc , she has done so three times now and you can read my versions of the happenings on this site in our stories. ( both these penis's are much bigger flacid  than mine is totaly erect )

Her largest white penis to date was about  8" average girth, both her bbc's have been over 9" and close to 10" and thick  , She has made many comments since,  why she loves them.

  • They're just spectacular when erect

  • she loves how they hang when flacid. 

  • the way they sway when these guys walk towards her. 

  • how they hang down and press against her  when she showers with them.  

  • when they cuddle her from behind , there penis feel so big in her *** crack 

  • she loves watching them grow thick as she starts to play with them.

  • and love's  the feeling she gets when they're so deep inside her.


She craves big penis stories and I do my best to satifsy her fantasies until i find her another real one.  

According to her size does matter !



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Size does matter. It feels better and looks better in my opinion. But that doesn't mean you will fall in love with it. LOL

There's just nothing like a big black ****. Everyone should try at least one - including straight leaning men such as me. It's an incredibly hot and erotic experience.

Well I think its pretty obvious size matters to women in respect to the fact that if a women see's a huge penis she's obsessed with it immediatly. Size doesnt matter to women when it's average, average/big, but if its huge then her head is turned and fixated on that huge ****. In my experirence been very very well endowed (Ladies are welcome to message me if they wanna see it) ive only got to show a bulge or walk around on a nude venue/resort for about 10 minutes before several women will of struck up a converstation with me and conversation has quickly steared to my endowment. Doesnt surprise me your wife is ******* huge dicks if you allow it, i'd happly **** a guys wife if offered.

Your wife is completely right in her summary of why a big **** (especially a big black ****!) is so awesome to the majority of us! As most girls who have had the extreme pleasure of taking a guy or guys with large ***** know of how truly special they are and how they consistantly manage to bring the sexy **** out in each of us!! They look hot as Hell, they feel incredible on our hands or laid out on our tummy before entering us, and they can launch me to the moon faster then a Nasa space shot!! It's why I encourage all my girlfriends to try going black themselves, as proof through action speaks louder then my humble words ever could.

my wife loves big **** and i love watchin her take it<br />
<br />
size matters when it comes to ******* women