Lovely and Intense

She knew how to make the most of a song. No one will ever be able to sing Strange Fruit,Lover Man,Good Morning Heartache,Don't Explain,God Bless The Child,Taint' Nobody's Business...any of her songs like she did.

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7 Responses May 27, 2009

Those are my time periods. If I could go back in time and live there, I most definitely would.

I would love to read this. I like reading stories about the older times and it brings me there when I read about it.

Well, I most definitely must get that book. I'm sure she's sharing a lot of life lessons.

And I love him for it. I love Billie's song, "God Bless the Child" because it inspires me to go after my dreams.

Diana Ross looks nothing like Billie. I know Diana is a great actress but it's better to stick to what's real. Barry Gordy is the man, though.

I'll check out her autobiography when I go to the library. Movies always get everything so misconstrued.

She was beautiful and she was soo talented. I wonder what the world would be like if people like these never passed on.