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Hand Feeding Wild Australian Birds At Kallista, Victoria

A male King Parrot was eying my sunflower seeds from this wattle tree but wouldn't fly down to feed  from my hand.  So I approached him with my hand outstretched quite close to him.

Eventually, he hopped down from the branch and fed from my hand.

Hundreds of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos frequent the picnic ground for the chance of an easy feed.  This one was looking at my outstretched hands with interest.

This Sulphur Crested Cockatoo dominated over others, but he used my little finger as a perch and oh it did hurt!

Long Billed Corellas also frequent the picnic ground but they are not as game as the cockatoos.

This Long Billed Corella was happy to pose for a photo in exchange for some sunflower seeds placed on the ground.

The Crimson Rosellas feel intimidated by the bigger birds and tend to keep their distance until the larger birds have left.

Like the Corella, this Crimson Rosella was happy to have his photo taken in exchange for some seeds placed on the ground.


perseverer perseverer 51-55, F 4 Responses Jun 30, 2010

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You lucky thing! You live in some of the most beautiful temperate rainforest in the world! I bet you see lyrebirds, too. You have my deepest envy. The day I took my class to this place was one of the best days in their lives. They still talk about it and beg me to go back there.

I'm glad they came up for you. I have been having trouble lately. Thank you for stopping by.

Feeling so relaxed looking at those lovely pics, thanks!

I was bitten only once as a child by a galah feeding from my hand on the back verandah. That's how I learnt to keep the hand stretched out flat, then you don't get bitten. Yes, they can break the skin. You should see what they can do to trees! ***** them bare then break off the branches. Thankyou for your comment.