Birds Are Beautful And Special

As a child I hardly noticed birds at all.Maybe tho odd sparrow or a swan on the river-they meant nothing to me.As I have matured and now live in the countryside I have developed a great love of birds.

They make me happy in the winter when they visit my feeders especially the goldfinches.
I love to see the phesants by the roadside,their plumage glowing in the sunlight.
I occasionally catch a flash of a kingfisher as he slices his way down the river like a spark of blue and orange electricity.
I adore the green woodpecker who visits after the rain and eats the ants from the lawn and laughs with glee.
I was delighted when a coal *** nested in our tree for a second year.
The green finches make me smile with their cross little faces.
The chaffinch comes in May and sings his little song all day long.
The buttefly terns on the sea are so delicate and perfect and look weightless like little angels.
The ducks on the river dabbling in the mud looking for food make me smile.
The geese who nest on the oxbow island most years are so proud and loyal.
The majestic swans with their fluffy grey cygnets squeaking behind them are a joy to me
The red kites who soar overhead,completely effortlessly take my breath away.
The robin who is my companion when I dig the garden is very cheeky and friendly.
On a daily basis my life in enriched by these lovely creatures.

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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

This is a really special story, you have made an effort to describe so many different birds and your reaction to them.

Yes,the ducks on the river are mostly mallards-lovely birds!

How wonderful both that you have these lovely creatures nearby and that you so appreciate them! :)<br />
<br />
Do you have mallards where you live?