Slim Jadie

well hopefully some bird lovers will join me on this discussion for thier love of thier birds! i just recently got a new 10 week old cockateil this weekend after my other baby cockateil roxxy died :( i miss her so bad but my new one is awesome and his name is slim jadie but i call him jade, well actually he's got quite a few names so i can't decide on what to name him so i thought i might go with alias since he's got like 5 aliases hahaha :) i love birds!
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I love birds too, they make me so happy...

Wow that's great. I also have a bird names Roxy (1X). She is a macaw. Somebody couldn't take care of her and gave her to me when she was four. I've had her for two years. I also have a blue crowned conure (Luke), and a parakeet named spotty. They are great!

Aww, I'm sorry about Roxxy. I have two cockatiels myself (one pure white albino named Spike and a cinnamon named Dorothy), and I adore them. I also have a canary (unnamed, still :) and a parakeet. Owning pet birds has given me a real fondness for birds. I mean, it's hard going through the worry of watching them get hurt and sick -- smaller birds have short lifespans, which makes it worse -- but pet birds are still worth it.<br />
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"Birdbrain" is not an insult. =) Thanks for making this group.