Simply Awesome

The birds around my property are just beautiful and joyful. We have bluejays, robins, finches, chickadees, orioles, cardinals, swallows, catbirds, etc....each species has such a unique personality and beautiful sound. We have houses and feeders and baths for them and planted gardens specifically to attract, protect, and feed them. Currently a robin is nesting on a front gutter, a catbird is perched on my front maple, and a cardinal pair is calling to each other in the backyard. On the wilder side we have turkeys, geese, ducks, and pheasants running around....the turkeys crack me up when they amble through the yards. Of course there are predators too....hawks and eagles...majestic as they soar for prey; driving silence in the area when they roost on the roof. There is never calm and quiet with a property full of birds, but it is wonderful!!
sassyg1rl sassyg1rl
46-50, F
May 12, 2012