My Little Baby

I gotta say I never thought I would ever love a bird so much. I have a Parakeet named storm and he is the best dam thing. His colors are black,white, blue, and purple. He is very talkative haha.
We got Storm after we noticed that our other Rare Parakeet Snowbell was very lonely. She would always look at herself in the mirrowlr and just chirp away. So my mom and dad went to Pet City and surprised us by getting him. Snowbell was uber happy and they would have little conversations all the time. But suddenly Snowbell had started to act differently. Like in a bad way.
She stopped eating and didn't talk much. We also noticed she was losing tons of her feathers. At first we where worried but found out later that it was natural. So we gave it a few more weeks and then where worried because she would just hardly move. We called a vet to see what was wrong.
The vet said she might be going through "egg binding " and she would be like this for a while. Well then we thought if shes having a egg maybe Storm and her well ya know banged eachother. A few days later Snowbell was laying on the bottom of the cage with the homemade nest we made her....she was gone. It turns out when a bird gets their wings clipped they have a lower chance of surviving laying their eggs.
Storm was quiet and sad fir the first week but now he is happier an cuter than ever. He just molted and grew back all his feathers. I love that little bird. He is like my baby <3
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I had a parakeet named snowflake. I love birds too, I was surprised that I found myself a bird person. I'm so sorry you lost one of your parakeets though, how sad! I didn't know clipping wings could affect them in regards to egg laying. I have two cockatiels now :) They live long! I've had them for 5 yrs now.