Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is a song by Bob Marley. 

Lyrics =

Rise up this morning
smiled with the rising sun
three little birds
pitch by my door step
singing sweet songs
of melodies pure and true
saying, this is my message to you:

Don't worry about a thing
cause every little thing is gonna be alright
don't worry about a thing
every little thing is gonna be alright

This is what it's all about! 

Need I say more?


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5 Responses May 1, 2007

He he he... Warmth it's a happy song too so that's good! <br />
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For me it brings to mind sunshine, reassurance, and happiness... well I've been to Jamaica so I picture the Ocean and the lovely plants and trees. It's bliss. Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every thing's gonna be a'right!<br />
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Thank you for reminding me!! I think you just set the tone for my whole day. Luv ya!!

Thank you for sharing that. : ) It's always interesting to get the scoop on the roots. <br />
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I love Bob Marely. He was such a gifted & spiritual rasta. His music was/is all about love & freedom. <br />
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I have indulged in "Ganja" & in Jamaica. It is a calming herb, and mind altering. Bob Marley sure loved his weed. His music is eternal. God, bless & rest his soul!<br />
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I'm sorry to hear you don't like birds. They are to me lovely creatures with songs of joy. Their music is the sweetest & loveliest of songs. <br />
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Hmmm... I dunno lol! I didn't write the darn thing! lol!

Hmmm. Why 3 birds?? Why not 2 or 4? But then... 3 is a lovely prime number, don't you think??!! lol. Cheers to the tweet bird song!