Polly Is Missing

Polywaffle, or Polly for short, is one of our two pet Indian Ringnecks. Polly is the green one and Hershey is the blue one.  

Polly and Hershey live in a luxury apartment in our outdoor entertainment area.  Polly was hand reared and enjoys human contact.  Hershey was given to us by her teenage former owner and it did not take long to see why.  She is quite aggressive!  I nicknamed her, "Nippy".

Anyhow, the two birds, one male and one female were getting along fine and we had high hopes of breeding them.  Then a couple of days ago I noticed that they had chewed right through their top perch.  When I opened the door, Polly flew out.

Immediately, the dogs went for him.  Polly managed to dodge them without leaving the ground; nevertheless, it gave him a fright and he then flew up into a tree in the backyard.  Polly is easily handled and with a little coaxing will hop onto my shoulder.  But this time he would not budge.  Not long after, he flew into a neighbour's tree and spent the night there.  The following morning he decided to stretch his wings again and flew off, circuiting the street.  Being green and well camouflaged it was impossible to see him in the tall trees.

My daughter who is his official owner, though certainly not his carer, took time off work to run off hundreds of flyers and distribute them around the neighbourhood.  I must say, I did not hold out much hope.  A Little Eagle had flown into our backyard and was perched on the fence.  I thought Polly would be an easy target.

Then yesterday afternoon I received a call to say that the vet had Polly!  He had landed on someone's front lawn and hopped onto their arm.  They brought him in.  I could hardly wait to drive from work to the vet to pick him up.

The vet brought out the little cage and I looked happily at the pretty green parrot inside it.  It was not Polly!  Found in our neighbourhood, and remarkably similar to Polly, but not Polly.  How coincidental is that?

So Polly is still missing and spent last night enduring a thunderstorm out in the "wild".

In the meantime, some funny things have happened.  Some blackbirds have been walking up the path to see Hershey and pick up any crumbs she drops from her cage.  They could fly straight into the entertainment area, but instead, they fly to the edge of the path and walk up it!    We also  put up a spare cage in the backyard in case Polly felt like returning.  He didn't, but some pigeons were inside it when we looked!  The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, it seems.

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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Awww, I'm sorry your bird flew away. He probably would have stayed if he hadn't been scared. My sister lost a cat named Julie one time. Similarly to what happened with Polly, a big dog scared her and she broke free from a cat harness and ran off. Because she was a timid cat, we knew she would be hiding somewhere and it was impossible to find her, even though she was pure white. But the amazing thing about this story was that in our neighborhood, there was a small cat named Sassy. Apparently, Julie and Sassy became friends and Sassy took care of her and showed her around the neighborhood. I saw them running around outside my window at night, which is how we knew they had spent time together. By the time I ran downstairs to get outside, they were nowhere to be seen. However, several days later, my sister found Julie hiding in the neighbors yard nearby. I am not sure exactly what happened, but I think Sassy helped my sister find Julie by leading my sister to the location where she was hiding. (Julie was very dirty and we had to give her a cat bath, lol!) It's so touching to think of animals helping each other in a time of distress and it was clear that Sassy was a little heroine in this situation. Had it not been for her, who knows what would have happened to Julie? Some cats would adapt very easily to living outdoors, but Julie was such a fraidy cat and she had no clue what to do outside. She had been an indoor cat all of her life and something could have easily happened to her, do to her lack of experience, fear and vulnerability. Anyway, I guess the point of this story is to take heart because you never know. Someone (human or beast) could be looking after Polly right now and maybe they will help you find him.

I am so pleased you found out your cat Julie was safe and sound after all. Animals are quite remarkable when occasion warrants it. I think Polly is probably fairly close by, but being green all over, it is impossible to locate him among all the trees. However, there is plenty of water around and hopefully he will be finding food ok.