Four Little Birds

I have four little birds of my own right now. Two cockatiels (one albino named Spike & a pearl named Dorothy -- who we just found out was a boy), one mean old lady parakeet named Turquoise, and a canary with a broken foot (as of yet unnamed). So many birds have come and gone in my life; these are the four survivors.

Ah, I've adored them all. Just the smell of birds lights up this happy spot in my brain - and yes, I can spend an entire hour just staring at them with a dopey look on my face.

It's funny how my love of birds has affected me. When I notice a pigeon coming near me, I don't immediately scream and cover my head. When I see bird poop outside, I don't immediately get grossed out. I'm one of those people who throw the seagulls bits of bread when no one's looking. (Yeah, yeah, so they poop and they're loud. Who isn't?)

Life is so much easier when you love birds. :P
AntOnTheMirror AntOnTheMirror
18-21, F
May 26, 2007