What's Not to Love About the Last Dinosaurs?


I used to hate them, when I was child-labour for my mother's aviary (although I did invest and made a few hundred which was a big deal for little young me)...it was the cleaning of the bowls and constant scrubbing of the birdcrap.

But now, I have nothing but appreciation for the only remaining descendants of the dinosaurs. They rule the skies...for now...although my guess is that after the next big extinction we might begin to see more of the bats...and less of the birds.

I think I would like that more, at the moment the only thing holding bats back from evolving into a successful day-flyer is the dominance of the birds…I want to see big predatory bats, and sea-bats…I want to see more mammalian dominance, mammals rule.


The funny thing is, the birds would probably have a higher chance of taking over mammals after a big extinction, becoming ground based and replacing our inefficient respiration with their super-breathing.

Anyways, I like birds.

smebro smebro
22-25, M
May 30, 2007