Love Affair With Birds

I don't know what it is between me and birds but I just seem to have a rapport with them.  Maybe it started from my childhood home with bush acreage in Sydney's North Shore and the multitude of parrots that visited our yard to eat the sunflower seeds.  We also had kookaburras that would eat red bellied black snakes, banging their heads against the trunk of the tree to kill them, then tossing them in the air and swallowing them whole.  One day a lyrebird came into our backyard to eat cotoniasta berries.

On my walks I notice birds and they notice me.  I frequently stop to talk to them and they don't seem to mind.  They like to show off to me and I enjoy flattering them.  I love to listen for their calls, particularly the yellow faced honeyeaters.  I love it when I see a bird in the wild for the first time that I've been wanting to see. e.g. I had never seen Gang Gang cockatoos before and then when I moved to Victoria they were in people's gardens.

My favourite bird incident happened while I was reading my class a story about St Martin de Porres who was a great animal lover and kept the mice and rats in his monastery from being a nuisance by feeding them and getting the cat and dog to leave them alone.  I was just up to that part of the story when a sparrow hopped in out of the rain.  It hopped right up to a spot in front of where I was sitting and seemed to be listening to and enjoying the story!

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Thank you for another interesting comment. The Gould League of Bird Lovers must have been promoted throughout N.S.W. schools because we learned about it to and I think everyone became a member. <br />
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Interesting about the Koels and Channel Billed Cuckoos. i haven't lived long enough in Victoria to comment on changes in bird behaviour, though I have heard of birds falling dead out of the sky from thirst and exhaustion.

Ozroller, your attentive and informed concern is appreciated. By noticing what the birds are doing we are helping to protect them.<br />
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Akindheart it is always a pleasure to meet a fellow bird lover. Thank you for leaving a comment.

what a wonderful my good friend contributed to (ozroller) i have never heard of the birds you describe but i also have a love for birds too. unfortunately, my stray cats love them too..I found a blue jay eaten in the yard this hoo.

And the upshot of that is the making of great photos!

That is indeed very interesting. Gang Gang Cockatoos never used to go that far north. I sometimes wonder whether Corellas and Ibis have come into the cities because of inland drought.

Thank you for your comment. It is difficult to care about fauna when you're starving. Another reason to be grateful for living in Australia, a bird lover's paradise.

Thankyou ATSF. The feeling is mutual. The birds in your area sound like an endless source of entertainment. We get the typical forest birds such as ravens, magpies, butcher birds, yellow tailed black cockatoos, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas, rainbow lorrikeets, yellow robins, bell miners. lyrebirds etc, plus garden varieties such as the musk lorrikeet, black faced cuckoo shrike, yellow faced honey eater, New Holland honeyeater, wagtails and fantail finches, galahs galore and long billed corellas. Being in a wetlands area we also get water fowl such as ibises, pelicans, cormorants, spoonbills, white faced herons and plovers. Then there are the birds of prey which seem to be with us all seaons - the barn owl, boobook owl, barking owl, nightjar and tawny frogmouth. Australia is certainly a bird lover's paradise - but birds are found everywhere, aren't they?