Ikes Outside Adventure

ok well i came home from work one day and my son was running down the street saying ike is outside i thought what . ike was flying free in the house and my younger son came in and ike flew past him and outside.

he had flew to the big tree down the bottom of the street. so we all went down and called him cos they lov to whistle.but no he stayed in the tree and it was getting dark so we went and got his cage to see if he would fly down to it but no.we had to come in and thought the worst but i got up early the next day and we tried calling him he flew across to different trees during the day we tried the cage again but no .then it all went quiet we thought he had gone. then at aboutr tea time my youngest camr running in saying he is back i thought dont be daft. but he was right so i got the cage out and called him but nothing still wouldnt come down off the roof. so i thought maybe another bird might call him down so i went to the pet shop and got another cocketiel and put him in the cage in the garden. and what happened next i think was a miracle to this day .the new bird called him and he flew down to the top of the cage so i walked up slowly and grabbed him and took him in the house and put him in a closed room while i brought the cage and new bird in .that is why we now have 2. i hope my story is as amazing to you like it was for me

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

ye thanks they are good together and as there are 2 of them they are not as noisy lol