My last birthday I was 55. My wife grabbed my braided leather belt and told me to bend over some pillows so as to push my bare *** up in the air at a spankable angle and she started in. She alternated between hard and not so hard strokes until she got me to about 27 which is how old I was when I married her and then she got more into it. Up to around 32 it was OK, but then it got pretty intense for the next 11 which is when we lived in Connecticut and the cost of living was real high and we made a lot of money but were still poor and then when she got to 43 or so the strokes were a bit lighter as we had moved to Illinois and the cost of living was better. Well, knowing she was getting toward the end of the Bday spanking, she really whallopped me good and gave me a few more for good luck. My *** hurt, but the afterglow was great. And so was the mindblowing sex.
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May 11, 2012