Tradition Continues

I always heard about birthday spankings, but didn't get one until my 12th birthday. My sixth grade teacher was big into it (and for punishment as well). On someone's birthday, she would call them up to bend over her desk and she would give the first spank, using the same paddle she used for punishment. Then she would allow classmates to volunteer to come up and give one swat until the number equaled the age. The teacher gave the "one to grow on." I participated in giving a few birthday spankings myself. I kind of enjoyed both the giving and getting, though it also seemed a little weird.
I got my second in 8th grade from a male teacher who also was into that sort of thing. He administered all the licks himself, as I stood in front, facing the class. The licks were a good bit softer than the ones he gave for punishment.
Beginning in college, I tried to make birthday spankings a regular thing with whatever girlfriend I had at the time. It is a regular thing now for my wife and me.
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The tradition of birthday spankings never existed in the UK - I wish it had!