B-day Spanking, 3rd Grade

My 3rd grade teacher gave real spankings by taking you to the front of the class then over her knee but she also gave birthday spankings the same way. She would tell the class that a boy or girl had a birthday today then call the birthday boy or girl up to the front and give them their B-day spanking. She didn't give "love taps" but she didn't spank real hard. She just spank hard enough to get a little reaction from the kid. We all giggled and after we all got cup cakes. No one cried and most of the kids looked forward to getting their spankings.
So my b-day spanking, well first I had received a couple real spankings from her for talking too much in class after being told not to several times, I was a chatter box. After the second spanking for talking I was told the next one would be on my underpants so I tried real hard to keep quite and not talk to my neighbors. By the way even though she gave me spankings hard enough to make me cry, everyone cried from one of her real spankings, I really like her.
But there was one thing I was not happy about my birthday was in July after school let out so I wasn't going to get a birthday spanking, Not Fair! So one day I was talking to her and I said it wasn't fair that I wasn't going to get a birthday spanking she said oh well I'm sorry but you will be out of school. I was sad but soon I forgot about our talk.
Three days before the last day of school I heard my name called just as I had said something to the boy next to me. I looked up and saw her moving her chair to the center of the room right in front of the class like she did when she gave a real spanking. She pointed at me and said get up here young man. I knew I was going to get a spanking and walked very slowly to the front of the room and stood in front of her then she said, "Do you remember what I said I'd do if I had to spank you again?"
Then I remembered her telling me I'd get spanked on my underpants I said, "You would spank me on my underpants."
She said, "Yes I did." Then she unbuckled my cowboy belt, unbuttoned my jeans button and unzipped them and let them drop to my feet. I stood there in my white briefs knowing everyone could see me in my undies. Really at that age I didn't feel embarrassed I was more worried about how much it would hurt. She pulled me over here lap and patted my bottom saying something like this is what happens to naughty boys then she gave me a normal hard spank right in the center of my bottom I just held on hoping the spanking wouldn't be too long but another spank didn't come.
Then I heard her say, "Happy Birthday Dennis then the whole class started to laugh. Man was I relieved to hear that! Then she said, "But since you were talking again I think I will finish your birthday spanking on your undies." So I got the next seven spanks, not as hard but still I think a little harder than most of the birthday spanking I had seen here give. But maybe that was because it was my bottom getting the spanking. She finished with the usually extra hard one for luck and a pinch to grow an inch. Then she rubbed my butt and stood me up I pulled up my pants, the class sang happy birthday then we had cup cakes. Later after the rest of the class went out to recess I stayed behind and gave her a hug and thanked her for letting me have a birthday spanking.
naughtyDen naughtyDen
56-60, M
May 24, 2012