I Am A Panty Wearing, Cross Dressing, Bi-sexual............

..............submissive, sissy, gurly boi, and I just looooove seeing other gurlie men in lingerie.

For quite some time, while i was discoveing my sexuality, I thought I was gay, and would quite often go along to one of the local gay cruise clubs to engage in sexual activity.    One night, they were holding an ''Undies Night", where the dress code was undies only.    I was strutting around in my little thong, copping quite a few gropes, and generally having fun with others, when I saw this guy wearing some drop dead gorgeous red satin panties.    It was at that moment that I realised what really turned me on.............Men in PANTIES and LINGERIE. !!

After seeing this cute guy in the red panties, I gave him a cuddle and we progressed from there.    We had a mutual **** session, using the panties, and both  thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, squirting gallons of sweet sissy juice each.   MMMMMMMMM     mmmmmm, it was sooooo lovely

Since that night, I have progressed to wearing panties all the time,  (I really do sooooo much looooove the feel of them), and have quite drastically expanded my lingerie wardrobe.hristchurch, New Zealand

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56-60, M
3 Responses Apr 28, 2010

Skimpy even

I love to pull aside a skimy pair of panties and fight hard rigid flesh inside xxx

I have just joined this site & only two days ago bought my first lace panties. Putting them on & wearing them was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever known