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Why do some women think man on man is bad. I am a married woman, Thai by birth and very hot. my Hus and me have done MFM for 6 years and for us both men being bi is best of all. I get two hot ***** and get to see my man do some fantastic things.
We started by watching **** movies and we would he would always ask me if two ***** instead of one and a ***** would be hot, naturally I said flesh is better than plastic. Over time we would be ******* and he would ask if I wanted another **** in my mouth I started to say yes. Then one night I started saying it. This was what led us to find a guy. It took time but we found a nice guy and back at our place we put on a movie, MFM of course, and we started to play, anyway we both got into it really easy and had a great time. Hus was ******* me and I was sucking the guy and I don't know why but I pulled his **** out of my mouth and pushed it towards Hus, he didn't know what to do so I kissed him long and deep, then said "this **** taste so good" I pushed the hard **** to Hus again and slowly he took it between his lips putting one hand around the shaft we now both held it and he sucked it in deep, then we started swapping it between us. We never even thought would the guy go for it but he did.
Since then we have never looked back and we have found a few very hot bi guys we regularly ****. It is amazing what a lifestyle.
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Lovely - we are a bi couple too and love ********** with another guy.

love love love the story

Yes agreed I love my wife to feed me ****!

Thats ******* HOT! :)

I love that you led our husband to it. That makes it extra extra hot. the way you tell the story, I can almost feel that hyper sexual excitement as you led him to suck that ****. <br />
<br />
Would love to be your friend

the mfm thing is so sexy.... I love it very much......

I wish I had a man and woman make love to me all nite.

very hot...I love it when a woman feeds me a **** is so erotic

Why some think guy-on-guy is bad is huge question with lots of answers but a big reason it's a common social taboo is the simple ancient notion that all ***** needs to be used to make more citizens. Apparently, they somehow knew that many men would enjoy intimacy with another man's genitalia, otherwise it would never have been considered enough of an issue to make into religious doctrine. Witness the homophobes who still say homosexuality is a choice... Obviously, those very speakers have experienced the urge and decided not to follow through... Their loss!

You're a lucky lady! Happy to know that that you two work so hard making one another happy :)

Your husband is a lucky man to have found a wife that is not afraid to love her desires and fantasies.<br />
My best wishes to you both