If Pillows Could Talk

mine would have a hellva a lot to say tonight....

Naughty thought isn't it... coming home to find a blindfold resting on the queening chair. You spending time on your back and then on your knees... having the pick of a **** or two.  A little surprise for my favorite biboy who deserves nothing but the very best... 
theSwitch theSwitch
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18 Responses Jul 19, 2010

That would be a great surprize.

I'd love to be the one your pillow is talking about;) lol

What an amazing photo, my turn next

ohhhh, yeahhh baby. How sexy can you get...kind of looks like my own. can just imagine those beautiful penises in my mouth, making love to them until they shot their warm load inside my mouth, and I wouldn't be surprised if I came, too. Until then, I'll just suck bananas. :P Any young guys in the great plains willing to do this for me?

I would dress in my sexiest outfit and submit to you and do whatever you asked this hot **** to do, I'm game baby, make me yours

I love this pict so much and want my own bi boy my self

I would love to be the one on my knees!!

That would be fun

Can I have your pillow "theSwitch"......?

I know the feeling, I keep comming back just to see the photo!........."theWitch" your a teaser!

OMG the pic caught me totally of guard. My heart started to race as feelings of helplessness started to overwhelm me. Thank you,

my my... what fun you would be to play with...

Lunch any one!

Thank you all for the comments... glad you approve :) I found the pic at http://malesubmissionart.com/ although I don't remember which date it appeared. Hope you enjoy the site - it's one of my favorites.

I have a proposal for you -- use the biboy for this scene on the even weeks, and let this bigirl come and play during the odd. :-)

I think I would die and go to heaven....... And look at the size of those beauties!!!!!! With them in the room, you could blindfold me for a week :-)

Great pic!

Good God irl, look at those *****! My knees are weak, my mouth is wateing, and my belly is hungary! A bi deam if I ever had one