I Love Bisexual Wemon

I love bisexual wemon they are openminded and open to things.
i have always thought bisexual wemon might se a crossdressser as a uniqe combination. insted of running like there hair is on fire. i am very feminine and lets just face it i shouldhave been a woman. but i think i would like to hear from bisexual wemon on ther honest thoughts.

Ladies think about it somone trying just as hard to look good for you on a date. somone who understands what it's like to wonder what to were,shoes, skirts tops, or dresses, how to do my hair. and my make up. not just to feel pretty but to be buitifull for you. somone who knows what it's like to want a romantic gesture made not because it's exspected but because they want to make that gesture. somone who wants to be drawn close to you on the dance flour look you in the eye, wet my lips and kiss with passion, soft yet firm. somone who will show you an intimate tuch with out being a total pig. somone who want to feel the bodies in a close embrace. feeling that strong emotional conection. To be appresciated as a person, as a woman like i want to be. i'm sorry this all just came puring out but i want to know if I really might meet a woman that will embrace me as a whole. Breanna
Breannashygirl Breannashygirl
31-35, F
Dec 5, 2012