Don't Know Why...

I don't know why, but I've always adored bisexual women. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than a woman making love to another woman.

In my late teens/early twenties I had a long affair with an older married woman. She helped me come to terms with a lot about my sexuality; she helped me to come to terms to some degree with my own bisexual feelings, she certainly helped me come to terms with the sheer erotic excitement of wanting and having sex with a woman who has sex with other men, and she was the first woman I had any sort of relationship with who was bisexual. Knowing she had sex with another woman was the greatest ... well, thrill isn't an adequate word...

Later I married a bisexual woman. Again, knowing she had sex with other women was the most erotic feeling. She had sex with other men, too, which also turned me on immensely, but nothing compared to knowing she was with, or had been with, another woman (or, sometimes, several women!).

I have had several lovers who have had bisexual fantasies. Maybe my transvestism encouraged their bi feelings - I know one lover loved to dress me up in her clothes and have wild sex with me as a sort of substitute for taking that actual great step of going with a real woman. That sounds fab to many TV's but it wasn't really so much fun being used as a substitute.

I lived for a long time with a woman who had many bi fantasies, but never took it further than fondling and sucking another woman's breasts. We spent an evening in a gay pub once and while I was chatting to some friends she got talking to another woman in a quiet corner. When we got home she was so horny! She said she wasn't sure if the other woman had said "I'm Leslie" or "I'm lezzie" but it had turned her on incredibly thinking that maybe she was being chatted up by another woman. I vaguely knew the woman and I knew she was a lesbian, which turned her on even more. We went back several times but the woman was never there on the same evening. Later on she asked me to ask a woman I knew who was openly bi if she (the other woman) would come round and see her and would she be interested in maybe going to bed with her? I asked, but as I expected, my friend didn't fancy my lover - she liked girls with big breasts and my lover had very small breasts. My lover liked women with big boobs, too, so she understood but she was very disappointed. I don't know if she ever fulfilled her dreams - I hope she did.

I have enjoyed a foursome with a married couple I had regular ********** with and their girlfriend - we were all bisexual. I used to have a photo the husband took of me licking the girlfriend's **** while she licked the wife's. And I once served as a TV maid at a party with 9 all-bisexual couples, at which I got to see and share in a fair bit of girl-on-girl play. And I used to be the House Photographer in a fetish club, which got me to see (and photograph) some more bi-girl play. Watching is OK but just the knowledge that my lover is attracted to other women or is actively bisexual is the greatest turn-on. I do have a fantasy of being fully cross-dressed, tied up and made to watch my lover with another woman, unable to touch myself... my girlfriend thinks that's a great fantasy, so maybe, one day...

My present girlfriend is openly bisexual, although to date she's not done any more than kissing and breast-play, but she longs to experience full lesbian sex and I certainly won't object. So if there are any bisexual ladies out there in the Bristol or Plymouth areas (I'm in Bristol, she's near Plymouth) who'd like to give a big, beautiful, horny bi girl her first experience of full-on sapphic loving, get in touch. I don't have to be present, in fact she thinks she'd like to be alone with another woman the first time. Couples would also be very welcome - as long as the guy is bi, too!

56-60, T
Feb 14, 2010