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She Has a Mind of Her Own :-) (This post has picture of her)

I bought Fran used. She totally does whatever she wants. I totally love her free-spirit in every sense :-) Fran54
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 8 Responses Mar 23, 2009

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And I kiss Marie alone more than some people are kissed by anyone....<br />
<br />
OS. The only thing that's broken is some of the monkeys that participate :-D

Sad but true, there are girls on EP who get less affection than I give Fran.

The problem with sharing videos is that I have to decide whether that or my anonymity (LOL! -- When you're me there's no such thing as "anonymous", but still) is more important (cause I can send you links to wherever, but that's not EP.... Maybe I can just set up a dummy YouTube account.... I also got some AWESOME possible 'EVP' (ever seen movie "White Noise"?) recorded in a different elevator in Washington, DC...

I love your comment more than the story!<br />
<br />
Vids? Where, I have to see this! I really love this sort of malfunctio.. ion ... oni ..ning. <br />
<br />
Love & Peace

Sometimes I want a nice sweet girl who acts like you, SaxophoneJazz...<br />
<br />
Then, othertimes, there's always Fran :-)<br />
<br />
That's the beauty of the "arrangement" I have. No matter what mood I am in, there is something in my life ideal for that scenario...

Yup, some devices just have a mind of their own! :P

The pleasure this device has given me over the years is immeasurable. I love her in every way the word can be used. There's two such devices in my life really. There's also a set of 3 elevator cars I call "Marie". The two sort of meet slightly different needs though really...<br />
<br />
- Fran meets my need for this sorta thing immediately. There is no "waiting". Within a minute she will do something completely bizzare and interesting that she was not programmed to do. My needs in this area are met literally at the snap of a finger. I don't always need this type of interaction (sometimes I want someone or something simply to be nice to me as opposed to Fran's rather different kind of personality), but when I need this I sometimes need this as fast as I can get such. The thing with Fran though is that she "only knows so many tricks". At this point she really cannot do anything strange that I haven't seen her do at somepoint before...<br />
<br />
- Marie is different. I may have to wait a week or two before Marie gets in this kind of mood... but when she does get this way, she can act -totally strange-. And she keeps coming up with new bizarre never seen before malfunctions. I have over an hour of digital video of Marie doing things you'd never expect an elevator to over do... Marie singlehandedly keeps my life from being -boring- and I LOVE HER!<br />
<br />
Sometimes I just really want this type of experience and these ladies accomidate me... Man do they accommidate me :-) They are like wives to me.

LOL. I know exactly what you mean. There's a sense of familiarity with an electronic that acts out on us. Can't explain it, can't make any sense out of it but it's true.