I'd Love Andrew Zimmern's Job!

I'm jealous of Andrew Zimmern. What a lucky guy he is! He gets to travel the world and eat a variety of very interesting food! He gets to try things I can only dream of trying at this point in my life, and he gets to experience a little bit of culture everywhere he goes. I also want to do that with my dreams of being an anthropologist.

Loving "bizarre foods" is more than just the TV show for me--I've always loved te interesting, and gross, things a person can consume. My favorite part of Fear Factor, hands down, was when the people would have to eat something disgusting. Same goes for Survivor and even Big Brother. It happened less often on the latter 2 shows, but I was always happy to see it when they did. The cool thing about the show Bizarre Foods is that Andrew Zimmern appreciates it all from a culinary standpoint, and what he eats is what people actually eat in that culture instead of something designed especially to gross people out.

Myself, I LOVE trying new things. My limits for myself are: I will not eat anything with blood--like blood pudding or a raw heart or something like that, I will not eat anything still alive, and I think I'll pass on reproductive parts!

Chocolate-covered cricket was probably the most "bizarre" thing I've eaten so far. It was pretty good. Crunchy, kinda like burnt toast. The bad thing was I had braces on my teeth at the time, and the cricket parts got stuck in them!!

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1 Response May 17, 2010

I envy him getting Paid to travel place's I can only dream of. I love to cook and alway's on the lookout for somthing new or different but must admit that some of what he put's in his mouth would never make it past my eye's. : ) My Best.