I got into photography my senior year of high school. I needed another elective, because otherwise I would have a study hall and I hated study hall. The year before I had taken journalism, but found that as much as I love to write, journalism wasn't for me. Photography sounded interesting so I decided to take it. I don't know why I never took it sooner. It was such a great class. We used 35mm SLR cameras, dealt with black and white film, learned to developed and print photos.

I enjoyed the class so much and love spending time in the dark room. I wish film photography weren't a dying art and that I could have access to a darkroom again, but I'm still interested in photography. I love looking at other photographs as well as taking them myself. I use Canon digital that allows to adjust some of the settings, but am hoping to be able to afford a DSLR soon, because nothing beats that kind of control when you want to take certain types of pictures.

This class also got me really interested in cameras themselves. I ened up working in a photo lab for awhile, where I not only developed pictures but had to help customers pick out and buy cameras. After a few months I learned a lot about cameras, and now my friends, and even my mom, come to me when they want to buy a new camera.

The thing that's so amazing about black and white photography in general, though, is that it speaks louder than color photography. Color photography is beautiful and realistic, but black and white photography captures the essence and spirit of its subject in a way color doesn't. You see more with black and white photograpy because you're not distracted by all the colors and can really look at what's being photographed and why it's being photographed.
lotuslife lotuslife
22-25, F
Jul 25, 2010