One Of My Expensive Habits

I found my dads old film Minolta a LONG time ago and ever since then I haven't managed to put it done. Sure I've upgraded MULTIPLE times but it never fails me that if I'm having a bad day I can always pick it up jump in my jeep and just drive to some random location. It always starts with one thing and leads to something more. I studied Photography in High school and it was amazing! I feel in love with the darkroom, I even spent my study hall there. My teacher created an advanced class for me when it came time for my senior year and I helped teach new students coming in. When I graduated I continued my education at Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology (OIP&T) and when my school when digital I cried. I learned that digital isn't all that bad and I now own a Nikon D300. I love it but like I've already said I always go back to my first love of film. Thats one thing that will never change.
Lilith1029 Lilith1029
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I agree with you about black and white photography. Time does move on. Digital is here to stay for a while. But I do miss the darkroom. So much for photographers doing their best work in the dark.