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A Digital Perspective...

Black and white was a bit of a problem in the earlier years of digital, but welcome to the future...the software has finally made it more than possible to shoot and display black and whites as good as most films could.  Oh, there'll be some who like with analog records, will tell you that something gets lost in the translation...warmth...grain...perhaps, but my eyes, as with my ears, can appreciate these new forms of expression as much at the old.

CurvatureoftheMind CurvatureoftheMind 56-60, M 1 Response Aug 5, 2011

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Yes, it does...for the pure pleasure of the experience, I have come to appreciate digital because of the comfort of the experience. I never really liked the darkroom experience...too much time and too little reward. It was different...and had its own reward, of course, but my personality and approach to the work is so better suited to digital. <br />
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