Hand Me Down Black and Whites

I was never really into photography until I met my husband and his family. I'd take a trip and someone would say "Take a lot of photos, I want to see", yet the camera just stayed in my bag the whole time. I was always one who just wanted to soak in what I saw and remember it, not stand there for several minutes, trying to focus a camera that I knew wasn't going to depict what I saw. Nah, I'll just let the others I was with take the photos and I'll stand aside and let them have their fun, as long as the camera's not pointed at me.

Sadly, I was only able to meet my husband's mother once before she died of cancer. We went over for dinner, and she and I got along really well. I so wish I had more time with her. Shortly thereafter, Dad, as now I call him, began cleaning out the house and sending us home with treasures from their long time residence. Amongst all the albums and genealogy research were black & white photos, negatives and slides. Thousands of them, even more. Turns out, she was a wonderful photographer, and very serious about her work. She had taken a couple of classes from Ansel Adams who told her "Get rid of the husband and the kids, you have what it takes to become a professional photographer, but you can't do it with a family." So, her photography was all for hobby. I am so honored to be able to go through her works and to have them in my care. My husband and I have been choosing some of our favorites to have printed. I've been making greeting cards out of some of them to sell in my shop, and to share with friends. Credited on the back to her, of course.

Being able to go through her work has given me a new respect and love for black & white. It's so beautiful and leaves the world wide open for imagination and appreciation.
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Im glad its sparked the interest in you as its a life long love for me taking photos and its so easey to turn them into interesting EP stories.

hehe i sense a new hobby. glad your enjoying it =)

lol! That's just one on the very long list!! I end up going from one to the other every few weeks. ;-)

well you seem bright and thats the main thing ;)