In Response To The Poll - Using Black & White Film

I took this picture with a new (at the time - 1980) B&W film that had a thinner base that could fit 72 exposures in a standard 35mm cassette. As I was going on a rail-fan trip I thought that would be good with the power winder on my Canon F-1 -- and it was.

I have long since lost the negatives and first prints but I had an 11" X 14" print mounted and framed - and that I still have so it was digitally rephotographed to be able to display here.

Way back in the day I also used Tri-X 400 speed film when it was a relatively new emulsion but have no images from then.

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I am no expert at all with phtographs - and I may even be a distant relative of Sierra33 in my ability to fr<x>ame a portrait, but all I will say is that black & white photographs seem to allow you to see the "soul" of the subject more than color ever could.............

Very true

This is a GREAT shot! Black and white captures nuance in a way that colour cannot. I want to start doing more real photography (and not the kind from a cell phone, those don't count!). Any suggestions for a decent starter camera and what I might expect to pay?

Things have been changing so fast - My camera was "Camera of the year 2006" but has long been obsolete so I'm not up on what all is out there. And too, it depends on what your price range is, how you think you will use it and so on.
What used to be the simple point-and-shoot category has morphed into the point-and-shoot-withinterchangeable-lenses and resolutions are approaching 20MP and mirrors in DSLRs are becoming passe. Let's talk in PMs.

Wow......This sounds wayy technical and complicated to me.... :O

I was lucky, the framing of the loco came out just right. Don't remember if I used a tripod, possibly. The wheels are rolling just above the bottom of the fr<x>ame, did not have to crop.

Thank you. <br />
What kind of camera do you have?<br />
Decapitating can be cured.

I only have the one in my cell phone now but hubs has a bunch of em. I think his favorite is a Nikon but I don't know what model it is. Hubs takes great pics.....He has a steadier hand and a wayy better eye for it then me tho....

Wow, nice shot!! I suck with all cameras....I don't have a bit of photographer in my blood... Hubs call me the "Decapitator" cause I still cut chunks of everybodies head off.... I don't even have a clue as to what my first camera was.......I think it was something 35mm but don't quote me on it! :D

HAhahaha the decapitator! Hahahah hahahah

I am TOTALLY gonna tell hubs I am just more of a "Modern" photog from now on!! :D Thanks sooo much for giving me that idea!! :)

:D ♥