Black And White, A Whole New World Of Artistic Potential

Black and white, the artistic edge it possesses over color never fails to amaze me when you look at how a shot would be mundane in color yet astounding in black and white. I like old and new black and white both, with some of my favorites being O. Winston Link, Ansel Adams, Eugene Atget, plus so many artists who've appeared in B&W magazine.

My own black and white story goes back to about 2002-2003 when I first started taking color photos I'd scanned, my pre-digital days, and converting some to black and white to produce feelings of wow! on my part. In time, I started using actual black and white film I picked up at the camera/photography store in my hometown, as the local big-box stores I bought rolls of color film certainly didn't have any. Every penny I had on hand went to film and development costs. As I didn't like scanning, for one, it made the quality worse so I paid extra to get CDs done of my photos. I now have moved to a digital SLR which I dearly love, and do not miss the development costs but appreciate the aesthetic of the medium all the same.

darkarts101 darkarts101
31-35, M
Apr 20, 2012