Black And White Photos

I love black and white photography and sepia especially on old abandoned buildings and old crumbling adobe houses.I feel it has a certain mystique,lends a feeling of times long gone.There is a feeling in them that color does not quite convey..
Darkwolf83 Darkwolf83
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1 Response May 26, 2012

I took a photo on my moble phone at a house party it was a dimly lit room and there is a goblin type face appeared, no one has a clue how this came about and some say its just the shadows others are saying they think its a ghost, how can i check the picture to find out what this is,any ideas?

Find a computer that can give you a "negative" type effect,the dark areas will show white and you may just have captured a face...There is also the possibility of our brains "matrixing",when our eyes take in random shadows and our brains try to assemble them in forms that make sense..You could send it also to be anylised by a photo expert.He would have the best software to determine if the figure is indeed there..I would love to see it and if you do get it looked at by a pro,let me know what he or she thinks,I think it is VERY possible you may have captured something odd!