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In college my husband took several photography courses which developed into a bit of a passion for him. More often than not, he will be found with a camera nearby, whether he is working or at home. I’ve gotten used to it but it can be quite annoying sometimes. I will be just walking down the hallway or reaching down to pick up a pair of shoes in my closet or stirring spaghetti sauce and I will catch him taking my photograph. You could say that he is obsessed with photography.

It’s a nice feeling to know that he wants 1000’s of pictures of me and thinks I’m worthy of his lens and all but sometimes a person doesn’t want the photo taken. He is particularly fond of Black & White photography. 95% of the photos we have from vacation or of me are in black & white. I guess I love it too, there is a bit of artistry in every shot which is more difficult to do in color photography I think but I’m really not the expert.

The absolute most annoying think about an obsessive photo journalistic husband are vacations. While we are touring amazing places, I really want to share the experience in conversation and hand holding and mutual reflection but instead he has that camera up to his face constantly. He drags behind, unable to walk at a normal pace because he finds artistic photo opportunities where others just see a bridge, a landscape, a old sign or a rusted iron gate.

The other less annoying parts of this addiction are the props and stages he works on to get certain types of pictures of me. He will spend hours outside or sometimes indoors working on these crazy props then come find me and make me pose for him. I guess there are worse things than having a husband who thinks your beautiful right?

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You certainly do live life in the moment. Interesting you fell for someone who's seemingly the opposite. Talk about 'visually stimulated'!

That's cool that he's like that with you. There's just something about black and white photography.... =) and when you put love into it, you can never go wrong. Have a good one.

Well if the rest of you is like your profile pic (which I think you look sultry & beautiful) I don't think you can blame him ,can you ?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yea...I can relate to alll of that >< I end up dragging things on longer than should at times...and I self-conscientiously HAVE to remind myself to keep things short and concentrate the attention on what's important aka the Lady~

What does your husband do with your sensual / sexual photos ?

I just have to tell you, As a professional in this industry, I only wish I were blessed to have such a beautiful subject in front of my lens, unfortunatly, and not that I hate my career choice, my subject matter is rarely as stunningly beautiful as your image on your avitar.
I have had to make a habit of only taking a professional bag of camera gear along on vacations on rare occasions, otherwise I am so involved in the creative process, the only way I see things is thru a lens, not the broader picture so to speak, I also generally bring along a point and shoot camera, but give it to a family member, and ask for it when I want to take a photo, otherwise the same thing happens.
Really enjoying your stories and profile, looking forward to more stories, please add. Thanks

I can see how this would get old quickly. But I will admit, if your profile pic is some of his artwork, he does a damn fine job. Maybe you could negotiate certain days where he leaves the camera behind. You deserve some intimate time.

I love B&W photography! I can see why he loves taking your pics!

Mind an add?

Photographers (the serious ones anyway) consider themselves artists, and like an artist they are looking for the perfect shot. My son is like that. Once you get used to it it's no big deal.
I can understand why he'd want so many pictures of you. You are quite stunning.
PS - care to add me?

I'd love to see some of your pictures. I have that passion as well, and would love to have my wife pose for me. Still working on it, though.