The black & white color almost gives your photo an innocence. Its beautiful and pure. Quite amazing. I always think of Red Skelton and Marilyn Monroe, two of my favorite people. When you think of them, you always think black & white. While with Red you think (family) entertainment; you tend to think of a different kind of beauty with Marilyn. But, all the same, the black & white just brings me back to a time when a family could view something together and not have to worry about censoring and such. It truly adds its own... color...
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Very true, WiseOldOwl, very true.

I think the absence of colour allows us to focus on the subject. It doesn't do a sunset or sunrise justice because the colour is the subject.

Gives it that feeling of "right" and "home"....

ya i kno wat u mean. when im doin photo edits for either my own collection or for a school assingment i like to use the greyscale, black n white, and/or the antique coloring. it gives the photo and more professional look to it.