(digital photog was just starting up in the world)We started to use ... I think they were called pinhole boxes and we would expose this cardboard box which had a small hole projected onto the photo / and a Nikon camera aswell we used film and black and white (school couldn't afford colour) black and white was great and learning the process of manually developing the photos and hanging them up to dry that's what first made me love b&w photography allot of lunch breaks I would get the key off the teacher and develop photos because I got sick of hanging around the bitchy/school kids , obviously didn't belong ,it would be cool to use film and have a darkroom again , I do love my canon eos but I miss film .. They turned out differently you had to wait until the film was developed to see what it looked like .. It was a great learning experience My teacher was always a critic but gave me an a+ which confused the hell out of me when I finished school!!!!
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I'm starting a female feet fetish scrapbook with black and white photography and detailed shots. Raw, unedited, seductive, spontaneous....Just free and wild.