The Wildest Of All

i had gone to a party with my boyfriend. it was a party meant for having trying out new stuffs and swapping partners. I felt a bit uncomfortable seeing everyone kissing and touching each other. My boyfriend got busy with a girl and was looking at everyone enjoying and feeling the touch. someone called me and turned back to see who it was. as i turned i felt a hand grabbing my left boob. i was a bit shocked but i loved the way he fondeled with my boobs. and slowly i got comfortable and relaxed.I couldfeel his warm hands stroking my boobs. but after sometime he wanted more. he pulled me towards him and put his hand inside my t to unstrap my bra. as he did so my breath became heavy like my boobs and i badly wanted to suck them to make them more heavy....
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LOL!!! <br />
<br />
unless you took black and white pictures of that guy fondling your boobs, i see no point to it!

did you read this before you post it? this story makes no sense at old are you 10

I made the comment that you deleted because <br />
this story is posted to a photography group,<br />
You can delete this comment too if you want to,<br />
But I don't see how your story relates to <br />
Black and White photography...<br />
<br />
Unless I'm missing something...