A Few From My Collection...

Forgotten Rendezvous

The Road to Nowhere

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15 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Its so beautiful

Yeah, I want four of those, <br />
so bad...


That and it was freshly painted ;)

very wonderful and powerful images. Thank you for sharing!!! you have inspired me to post my own!!<br />
<br />

I tell you something, these photos are amazingly beautiful! I love the snowflake one. Absolutely stunning!

I glad you folks have enjoyed them ;)

those are gourgeous! what a treat! thank you for posting those!

Please do post! I'll probably compliment...

I'm not trained and have no great equipment, but I do take pictures constantly. You make me feel like posting some stuff =) <br />
Maybe if I find something in my files that I really like, I'll put some up too. They're not as well-planned or polished as yours but I have fun taking them.

Yeah, it's really well portrayed. I can feel it like I'm in that moment. :)

I'm glad you see it, <br />
both people forgot to show up for the meeting ;)

Forgotten rendezvous communicates the emotion really well

I came up with the captions when I had them posted on a personal web page years ago

Beautiful. Are they yours? I love the captions. They are very fitting.