A Wee Bit About Black And White Photography

I love black and white photography. When I was in high school I took a class to learn how to develop film and print images which were completely my own creation. It was great! Whatever I found visually appealing I could take a picture and preserve the image for future enjoyment.

The b/w image is special because the contrast is what gives it depth and beauty. It relys solely on a long gray scale to provide us with our visual information. It's unlike the real colorized world which is our everyday experience. Ansel Adams mastered the art of using B/W to it's fullest potential and he created breathtaking images of some of nature's finest displays.

B/W gives modern photographs the appearance of being somewhat aged which can add appeal in some cases.

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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I am fascinated by black and white photography. I would love to see some of your own photos, Suan. Perhaps you could post some on your profile?

I love Ansel Adams...the contrast he used between light and dark was just breathtaking.

and----Speaking on Ansel Adams (the f64 club) I regret getting rid of the 4X5 I had. It was built from a kit that from a company long gone that was out of California. The B&W certification just hangs on the wall and the darkroom equipment sits idle.